MTL Bike: Cam Novak's Street Art Bike Tours Are Something Special

In a city of bike lanes and BIXI stands, it's easy to forget the path less cycled by. Some of the city’s best-hidden secrets might be just a detour away from your usual commute. Follow local artist and biking expert Cam Novak's lead, you might even cycle right into an open-air art gallery—of sorts. This summer, Cam is taking Montrealers on a series of biking tours of the city’s graffiti and street art gems. All you need is a little curiosity and two wheels.

MTL Blog tagged along to Cam’s third tour in the series. Each tour has a unique itinerary which spotlights different artists and areas of Montreal, so there’s something new for return participants. This tour explored the downtown, Old Port, and Jacques Cartier bridge areas, with particular focus on the many STARE and SCAN pieces in the area.

And forget all the boring stuff you associate with the word ‘tour’: don’t raise your hand to speak, don’t hold your questions to the end, and don’t be afraid to add on. Cam is open to suggestions and improvisation, and his open personality and personal interest in the city’s urban landscape and art culture are what make the experience memorable.

Cam will hold a few more tours in his series this summer, and also holds occasional walking tours of the Mural festival murals along St. Laurent. Some upcoming bike tours will also feature guest artists from Montreal.

You can look for information about upcoming tours on Cam’s facebook page, or on his website.