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MTL Blogcast Vol. 2: Brunch, Controversy, And Rod Stewart

Sexy sound waves straight to your eardrums.
MTL Blogcast Vol. 2: Brunch, Controversy, And Rod Stewart

Did you miss our voices? Of course you did. Worry no longer, because me, Michael D'Alimonte, and writer Marianne Hill are back spreading sexy soundwaves straight to your ears. Open your ears and listen to us chit chat about the latest happenings on MTL Blog and the city at large.

On this edition of our audio guidebook of awesome, Ms. Hill and I talk out the controversial articles posted on MTL Blog in the last two weeks, the beauty that is brunch, the benefits of the friend zone, and general hilarity. Featured musical artists include Rod Stewart (performing in MTL this Saturday), Igloofest 2014  DJ Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs, and Flying Lotus' latest tracks. Tune in and download below.

For all the latest audio updates on MTL Blog and the latest Blog-Casts, follow us on Soundcloud, and be sure to come back in 2 weeks for our special holiday edition!

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