MTL Blog Is Going Fully French In January 2015

Allow us to introduce our new Francophone friend.
MTL Blog Is Going Fully French In January 2015

A new year brings new challenges, along with many changes, and we're excited to announce one particular innovation you will see in our content. Since MTL Blog began, the public has asked why we don't produce French content (a very valid question given the predominant Francophone population of Montreal) to which we had no real answer. Come 2015, the point will be moot, with the dawn of our all-in-French website: Narcity Montréal.

A sister site, Narcity Montréal will not be a replacement nor a clone of MTL Blog. Instead, it will be a unique entity in itself, catering to a new generation of French-speaking Montrealers. Both sites will work together while producing independent content, so don't assume you can see everything on MTL Blog on Narcity Montréal, and vice versa.

Much like we do here, Narcity Montréal will bring you the latest in news you care about, cover the best events the city has to offer, and will probably ruffle some feathers with some controversial content, all with a distinct flair only the French language can provide.

A new addition to the Narcity global brand, which launched in Toronto this past September, Narcity Montréal will rock the French online Montreal scene. Don't expect us to play nice or timid, because when Narcity Montréal launches in January 2015, your feeds will be flooded with a brand new style of French content.

Narcity Montréal will officially launch on January 20th, 2015. Hold on to your hats 'til then follow us HERE.