MTL Blog Is Starring In A Dark Comedy Movie!!!

Watch us embarrass ourselves.
MTL Blog Is Starring In A Dark Comedy Movie!!!

Guys, we made it! Last year, we got approached by Bret MacDonald, director of The Game Warden film, asking us if we'd be interested in being featured in his movie. He had a small speaking role for two people, a couple to be more specific. Guess what? We agreed to it, obviously.

We reppin @mtlblog on set for "The Game Warden" ??

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So Mat and myself spent an entire afternoon on set of an indie feature film. It was a very laid back atmosphere in a cool looking Hillbilly bar called Wheel Club. The space is so unique. It literally oozes country music.

I was nervous, Mat was super natural. None of us has seen the end result yet, so I can't really tell you how well we did. You're going to have to judge for yourself.

Photo cred - The Game Warden

About the movie - "THE GAME WARDEN is a surreal comedy-drama feature length film about the life of Dan, a Game Warden who suffers from severe anxiety and grief after a bear attack claims the life of his son. Through Autumn, Winter and Spring his journey into insanity runs parallel with the life cycles of his foe, the black bear, only to culminate in Spring as an awakening from hibernation. Filmed in rural Québec, The Game Warden’s visual solitude and talented cast embody the emotions that imprison the soul as one experiences great loss and gripping madness." (Source)

The big premiere is on March 31 at Le Theatre Corona, 2490 Notre-Dame Ouest. You can totally pass by and watch us embarrass ourselves. Find more info here.

We'll be signing autographs and preparing our Oscar speeches after the viewing.

Watch the official trailer here.

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