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MTL Blog's 10 Most Viral Articles Of 2013

The most viewed articles on MTL Blog this year.
MTL Blog's 10 Most Viral Articles Of 2013

2013 has been pretty good to us here at MTL Blog. We branched out from shooting photos at events to curating original content, some of which went insanely viral thanks to you. We brought you everything from articles on athletes in bizarre situations to a shamelessly indecent photo shoot of a former teen star. For those of you who missed them when they first came out, and for the peeps who want to see just how many people read these incredible articles, we came up with a list of our most popular pieces of this year.

We hope you enjoy.

1. Ballet Dancers In Everyday Situations

Pageviews: 1,400,000

People love looking at ballet dancers leaping in the bathtub, bending on street corners, and balancing on the edge of New York apartment fire escapes.

2. Sophia Bush Declares War On Urban Outfitters

Pageviews: 250,000

There's obviously something wrong with the fashion industry when 0 is a size.

3. 10 Pictures Of Miley Cyrus In A Very NSFW Photoshoot

Pageviews: 490,000

With this sexually provocative photo shoot by Terry Richardson, Miley Cyrus put another nail in the coffin of her innocent teen pop days.

4. Guy Reveals To His Girlfriend That He Has Cheated, Unexpected Reaction Ensues

Pageviews: 360,000

Cheating on your girlfriend is never advised, so this guy gets everything he deserves.

5. Pictures Of Russian Parents To Be Will Warm Your Heart

Pageviews: 90,000

Intimacy and beauty. Sheer beauty.

6. 15 Incredible Pictures Of Athletes Performing Their Sport In Daily Situations

Pageviews: 52,000

This bizarre juxtaposition of athletes in every day situations is mesmerizing.

7. The Montreal Underground City You Didn't Know Existed

Pageviews: 52,000

Because living out your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fantasy is now a possibility.

8. 3643 St. Laurent Apt 200 Is Changing The Montreal Nightlife Scene

Pageviews: 42,000

Cuz dat shit is hot and Saintwoods knows what they're doing.

9. The American Apparel Period Power Tee

Pageviews: 38,000

I personally wouldn't buy it...

10. 16-Year-Old Quebecer Sings Elvis' "Blue Christmas" Better Than The King Himself

Pageviews: 28,000

It's always amazing to hear an unexpectedly deep and moving voice come from such a young body.

Did we miss you personal favorite article? Let us know in the comments below.

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