MTL Blog’s 10 Most Viral Photo Albums Of 2013

You went out, you partied, you got wasted, and we took the photos.
MTL Blog’s 10 Most Viral Photo Albums Of 2013

There's a lot of 2013 we don't exactly remember. With all the parties, concerts, and shwasty events we hit up all year, can you really blame us for having a slightly foggy memory? I'm sure you feel much the same. Thank the lord for all of MTL Blog's beautiful photographers who captured our (and your) sloppy-sexy hijinx all year long. Relive the magic of the year's most exciting events as we take you through the most popular MTL Blog photo sets of 2013. Drunken flashbacks and waves of nostalgia will be experienced.

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Halloween 2013 At The Legendary Howler

Views: 18, 552

Photographer: Sylvain Granier

When: October 31st

The Concordia Ski & Snowboard Club and the Concordia International Student Association threw one of the most epic of Halloween events of the year. Hot costumes, lots of drank, and pure energy made for one hell of an all hallows eve.

Frosh Week Beach Club Day

Views: 14, 423

Photographer: Grant Cabrales

When: August 31st

Imagine a party scene from a spring break-type movie and you have Frosh's Beach Club Day. So much sun and beautiful people.

Froshapalooza Concert With Dada Life + Tommy Trash

Views: 13, 846

Photographer: Andrew Brestansky

When: September 6th

Ultra Molson Frosh and CSU's Exposure Party combined forces to make Parc Jean-Drapeau light up as bright (or brighter) than Piknik.

MUS MasqueRAGE Ball

Views: 12, 256

Photographer: Sylvain Granier

When: November 1st

Keeping the Halloween spirit alive, the pretty people of the MUS proved you can be sexily classy (and not gorey) on Halloween.

MUS Welcome Back Concert Ft. Vicetone

Views: 10, 068

Photographer: Sylvain Granier

When: September 14th

McGill Management students sure know how to kick it and started the school year off right with an awesome concert ft. Vicetone.

Voodoo Resurrection w/ Torro Torro & Grandtheft

Views: 9, 546

Photographer: Andrew Brestansky

When: October 31st

Yet another Halloween jam showing how the students of Concordia can fill up a venue and rock a beat all night long.

Rock & Dance Automne 2013

Views: 8, 823

Photographer: Sylvain Granier

When: September 27th

The École de technologie supérieure and the Association Des étudiants De L’ÉTS welcomed themselves back with a party proving they go as hard as any other school in Montreal.

Montreal Zombie Walk 2013

Views: 8 900

Photographer: Grant Cabrales

When: October 18th

If there was a zombie apocalypse Montreal would do fine. We may not survive, but we'd have a hella good time eating people's flesh.

Boomerang Awards After Party

Views: 7,814

Photographer: Sylvain Granier

When: December 5th

Award ceremonies don't need to be a boring affair, especially when Microsoft is throwing the official after party.

Amnesia SHACK ATTACK After Party

Views: 7, 394

Photographer: Sylvain Granier

When: December 7th

Held at TRH-Bar, SHACK ATTACK moved from outside to indoors and lost no party-energy whatsoever.

Remember an awesome night? Did your favourite photos of 2013 not make the list? Shout it out loud in the comments below!