MTL Blog's Favourite Things Of 2013

Here are a few of our favourite things.
MTL Blog's Favourite Things Of 2013

Who says Oprah is the only one who can have a list of favourite things? We're way cooler than the big O (just don't tell her we said that), and we've got some epic holiday choices. From coffee, to candy, to sleeping bag sweaters, MTL Blog's Favourite Things of 2013 will be your holiday guide to awesome, even if you can't afford most of them.

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Natalie Solomon

Position: Fashion Editor

Favourite Thing: The Tassimo

Price: $99-$229

Michael D'Alimonte

Position: Head Editor

Favourite Thing: Activate apparel t-shirts

Price: $27.00

Sina Fakh

Position: Marketing Manager

Favourite Thing: Candy Crush

Price: Free

Tamkinat Mirza

Position: Lifestyle Editor

Favourite Thing: iPhone pocket projector

Price: $350.00

Marianne Hill

Position: Film Editor

Favourite Thing: Adidas jacket that turns into a sleeping bag

Price: $ 1,479.72

Joshua McRae

Position: Co-Founder / Editor-In-Chief

Favourite Thing: "Verde Ithaca "Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster

Price: $700,000

Alex Melki

Position: Entertainment Editor

Favourite Thing: The Last of Us for PS3

Price: $59.99

Tom DiNardo

Position: Sports Editor

Favourite Thing: Pebble Smartwatch

Price: $150.00

Melissa Payette

Position: Music Editor

Favourite Thing: World map wall decal + mark where you've been

Price: $148.00

Andrew Brestansky 

Position: Nightlife Photographer

Favourite Thing: Teavana

Price: $6.98+

Sylvain Granier

Position: Nightlife Photographer

Favourite Thing: Gravity

Price: $12.50

Eileen English

Position: Project Coordinator

Favourite Thing: Floral onesies

Price: $43.00

What were some of your favourite things of 2013 Montreal? Let us know in the comments below.

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