Which Is Your Favorite? Steamies or Toasted

There can be only one.
Which Is Your Favorite? Steamies or Toasted

Hotdogs. Quite possible the world's greatest comfort food. They're cheap, they're quick and easy to make, they sell them everywhere AND they're hand held. they are also the perfect vessel for all your favorite toppings. But before you start thinking about all the delicious things you want to throw on top of them, you have one question to answer.

Steamies or Toasted?

Steamies are the classic choice, but toasted hotdogs just scream out backyard BBQ. Steamies must be eaten immediately or they get soggy but they're cheaper, and toasted hotdogs cost more but they stay edible longer.

So if you could only have one kind of hotdog for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

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