11 Bands That Call Montreal Home

If you didn't know now you know.
11 Bands That Call Montreal Home

Most proud Montrealers will tell you that bands like Arcade Fire, Chromeo, Sam Roberts (and occasionally someone will admit to Celine Dion) are from the city they call home. But when you're out repping MTL, there are a lot of acts, both big and small, that you're probably forgetting to brag about.

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1. The Dears

What you probably knew: The band has been together since '95 and they're kiiinda indie/rock legends around the city. There is probably very little I could teach you about these guys, but if you don't know them yet, be sure you check 'em out.

What you probably didn't know: Lead vocalist Murray Lightburn has recently launched into a solo project and his debut "Mass: Light" is now available. He's often compared to The Smith's singer Morrissey, garnering him the nickname (wittily enough) "The black Morrissey".



Learn more- www.thedears.org

2. Metric

What you probably knew: Although this new wave/synthpop band was formed in Toronto, they've spent various parts of their career based out of MTL, and have definitely gained themselves a great rep here in the city.

What you probably didn't know: Emily Haines, one of the current most iconic female lead vocalists in Canada, was actually born in INDIA. What?? Not sure about you guys, but it just makes us love her more!



Learn more-www.ilovemetric.com

3. Adam Cohen

What you probably knew: If you knew the first thing about this guy, it would be his father, the very talented and world renown Leonard Cohen. His name is not only a legacy, his record ‘Like A Man’ is named out of respect and honor for his father.

What you probably didn't know: 'Like A Man' is an album that almost never happened, despite this Montrealer's name to fame. His preceding three records didn't garner him the anticipated success he'd been searching for. Once he let go of that "success" mind frame and just made music, he really came into his own.



Learn more-www.adamcohen.com

4. They Call Me Rico

What you probably knew: This born and raised Montreal singer/songwriter has spent 10 years playing shows across the country with a band before deciding to go solo.

What you probably didn't know: His folk/blues music is completely stripped down to a guitar, amp, drum kit and sometimes a backing musician. Rico (otherwise known as Frederic Pellerin) is about the "soul exposure of a show that serves up all natural music, preservative free".



Learn more- www.theycallmerico.com

5. Ragers

What you probably knew: This Montreal-based DJ collective has played sold-out shows alongside Boyz Noize and Oliver, and despite still being considering 'up & coming' in the city, they've been making a lot of noise on the music scene.

What you probably didn't know: Mixing rap, trap, dub step mashups and live instruments, they also played a sold-out Foufounes Electrique for Halloween last month AND two back to back sold-out shows at Abreuvoir. They're also taking some time to record their EP throughout November. Stay tuned!



Learn more-www.facebook.com/ragers666

6. We Are Wolves

What you probably knew: These thrash/punk/rock musicians have been making music since 2000, and have played festivals like Osheaga, SXSW, Virgin Fest, and CMJ. They were also, just last week, part of the annual M for Montreal. Way to rep the city, guys!

What you probably didn't know: The band remained nameless for the first two years of their career together. What inspired them in the end? A t-shirt at band practice!



Learn more-www.wearewolves.net

7. Megadeth

What you probably knew: Megadeth is not only one of the most influential (and well known) heavy metal bands of today, but they've been together for 30 YEARS.

What you probably didn't know: Guitarist Glen Drover, and ex-drummer Shawn Drover are actually both from Montreal. Way to make our city proud, guys!



Learn more-www.megadeth.com

8. The Smashing Pumpkins

What you probably knew: In the world of alternative rock music, it seems like this generation grew up listening to Smashing Pumpkins. I mean, the song '1979'... Is there anyone who doesn't know that one?! Shame on you.

What you probably didn't know: The Smashing Pumpkins may have formed in Chicago, Illinois, but ex-member Melissa Auf Der Maur was born & raised here in the city. Best known for her work with the band, she has since gone on to pursue a solo career... Her legacy with Smashing Pumpkins still lives on!



Learn more- www.smashingpumpkins.com

9. Tegan and Sara

What you probably knew: Tegan & Sara are one of the biggest breakout acts in Canadian indie/pop music of 2013 with their (amazing) album 'Heartthrob'.

What you probably didn't know: The sisters have actually been making music together since 1995 (What?! We know.) aaaaand... Sara Quin lives in Montreal. So, there's that.



Learn more- www.teganandsara.com

10. Tiga

What you probably knew: This Montreal musician and DJ has been around since 2001 and has remixed lots of big name artists. Justice, Depeche Mode, The XX, The Kills, LCD Soundsystem, Scissor Sisters, and Moby are just a few of the first ones that come to mind.

What you probably didn't know: Tiga was a major figure in establishing the rave scene in Montreal in the 90's and founded his own record label before getting started on his solo career!



Learn more- www.tiga.ca

11. Martha Wainwright

What you probably knew: She has a voice that sounds like it comes straight from the heavens, and she collaborated with Snow Patrol on the track 'Set The Fire to the Third Bar' on their hit album 'Eyes Open'.

What you probably didn't know: The 37 year old singer/songwriter is not only from Montreal. She was born and raised here along with her musician brother (Rufus Wainwright) and musician parents (Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle). She also performed at the Leonard Cohen tribute concert, and her performance ended up on the film/album "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man."



Learn more-www.marthawainwright.com

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