Mutek 2013, The Experience Begins Now

Satisfy your senses.

Music is a channel for anyone and everyone to express themselves. You could be in the back row of a concert just bobbing your head to the beat, front and center raging to the bass with your arms in the air, or you might even be the puppet master behind the helm of the tables throwing down everything you have for the crowd. All of those scenarios come together to create the experience that is electronic music. Of course let's not forget the kicking sound system, jaw grinding light shows and sticky sweaty atmosphere that all throw the exclamation mark on the night. Point being, anyone and everyone has the rare freedom to express themselves however they see fit at electronic events and art gatherings. So let loose your inner being and do NOT miss Mutek kicking off today all around Montreal.

(The City is chalk full of bars and party hot spots, we highly recommend hitting a few before the festivities. The weather has been beautiful aside from today, so feel free to hit a dep and brown paper bag some booze as you walk the summer time city streets. Get your head right before you feel some spine tingling sounds.)

What is Mutek?

  • "An International festival of digital creativity and electronic music."
  • It takes place in more than seven venues around Montreal.
  • The festival only visits three cities worldwide. (Montreal, Barcelona, Mexico City)
  • Mostly shows consisting of house music along side some new age hip hop.
  • A chance to let YOU experience the sensation that is HOUSE.

A few artists we chose.

There are an amazing 75 artists that have come from all corners of the globe to be a part of the Mutek movement. For us to go into detail on all of them would be; well it would be a waste of both yours and our time. We want to get you there to feel the vibes for yourself. Below is a little teaser of a few artists that will be providing audio ecstasy for you and your friends.

JUJU x Jordash

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De Juepuchas

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Axel Boman

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