My Biggest Relationship Regret Was Not Committing, And Here's Why

If you're in, you've got to be all in.
My Biggest Relationship Regret Was Not Committing, And Here's Why

True story, guys, I haven't been in that many relationships in my life - but the few I have been in have been actually pretty great.

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Still, I do have some regrets about my past relationships, like everyone does.

Some of my biggest regrets turned into lessons, so I guess they worked out in the end. But one of the main ones has really stuck to me, and over the years, I realized it did turn into a huge learning experience for me.

A while back, I was in a relationship with a guy I really liked. Still, as much as I liked him, I found myself never being able to fully commit to him.

At first, we were just seeing each other, so it was cool for me. I knew I liked him a lot, and he liked me, too.

After a little while, he suggested maybe we become exclusive. And that's when I panicked.

I don't know why I freaked out so much, but for some reason, the idea of settling down with him just made me straight-up uncomfortable.

Still, I agreed. I reasoned that I liked him, and being exclusive with him would maybe make me change my mind... except that it didn't.

Whenever he wanted to hang out, I'd pick going clubbing with my friends over chilling with him. I told him to join for sure, but he was never interested - probably because he just wanted to do his own thing with me.

Honestly, it never felt like a real relationship. As much as I liked him, I always picked other commitments over him, as if we were still just dating and not actually trying to be in a serious relationship.

I don't know if I was insecure or scared, or if I didn't really like him all that much in the first place.

I do know that after a while, he got fed up. He broke it off with me after a couple of months, and honestly, I don't blame him. It hurt at the time, but I got over it eventually... and did realize that I'd fucked up, big time.

So the lesson I learned was this: always, whenever you're getting serious with someone, make them a priority. Commit to them, or else don't commit to a relationship with them. 

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