My Life Revolves Around The Things I've Done For The 'Gram

When the feed is a beautiful illusion.
My Life Revolves Around The Things I've Done For The 'Gram

Guys, I've always been pretty honest and open about my life. I feel like there's no reason to lie or get embarrassed about yourself; it is what it is, after all.

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But in the social media world, you do end up portraying things a little bit better than they might be - whether you mean to or not.

I was looking back on my Instagram feed, and I realize that the pictures tell a story. A happy, bright story of good food, good moments, and beauty everywhere.

And although this is acutally how I see the world - well, the truth is that, like, 1% of these moments are spontaneous.

Actually, my whole life is basically planned around how awesome I can make my IG feed look; I mean, I know I'm not alone in this one (shoutout to my colleague Jessica Prudencio; not only is her IG on fire, but I know for a fact she makes all these Insta sacrifices, too). 

I feel there's usually a whole lot more to most people's Instagram photos than meets the eye. Or at least, I know for a fact that's true for me. Just as an example, I've got...

The brunch that withstood a thousand Insta stories

via @ciaomiranda12

Looks like a pretty awesome brunch, right? And it was! It was awesome!

Except that by the time I got to the food, it was cold, because I'd been waiting for all my friends to get their orders so that we could take a nice, full picture.

That's not all, folks. We also have:

The delicious churro sundae that melted before I got a chance to actually eat it

via @ciaomiranda12

Yes I did spend 35

Yes I did still eat/drink

No I do not

The time I leaped into the street to get the perfect shot and almost got hit by a car

via @ciaomiranda12

Stood in the middle

A car was coming my

Did I almost die?

The time I got literal hand frostbite from standing in -15 degree weather without any gloves so I could take the perfect Montreal En Lumiere pic

via @ciaomiranda12

The lights had to light up simultaneously in the exact colour scheme I liked.

It took, like, a solid 20 minutes of me waiting off to the side with my hand hovering above the camera button.

The frostbite went away within the week. The picture will last forever.

The matcha latte I spent $5 on and then promtply ruined 

via @ciaomiranda12

Apparently spending 30-45 minutes finding the perfect lighting for your #MtlCafeCrawl Insta shot doesn't actually keep the latte hot? Who knew!

Friends, my Insta is full of dumb shit like this - not even counting the excursions I go on just because I know they'll make for fleek photos, or the hours I spend editing my pics, it's safe to say my life just might revolve around IG.

But honestly, I'm trying to look back on my feed and remember all the fun times I had.

I'm looking to make sure my memories match up with how I experience them; I'm looking to highlight the beauty that's present pretty much everywhere.

And if that means I have to eat a few cold meals or jump out the way of a few cars... well, that's just the price I'm willing to pay.

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