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My Love Affair With Université De Montréal

School is cool.
My Love Affair With Université De Montréal

We met in Autumn 2015 and by the drop out deadline I was head over heels. 


I've always loved school, and for a few reasons: namely, it's the one place you can surround yourself with likeminded goofballs that have the same interests as you!

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I also particularly enjoy being a sponge, you know, sitting in class and just... absorbing knowledge. 

But really, the most important factor that makes university such a great partner in life, is the establishment itself. Lucky for us, we live in a city that is home to many great schools. In fact, Montreal has just recently been named NUMBER ONE Best Student City in the World by QS Top Universities in 2017!! 

So where does Université de Montréal fit into all of this? Let me tell you.

I consider myself to be a Montrealer and so does UdeM. In fact, it’s called the University OF Montreal. We're quite proud of that too. Why you ask? Because Montreal is a city that welcomes people from all over the world and UdeM truly reflects that in their students! Whether you're from Brazil, France, Haiti, Tunisia, Italy, Lebanon, China, Russia, Vietnam, Korea or... even in my case, Ontario, studying at UdeMwill increase your feeling of belonging in this vibrant, multicultural city. 

Located in the very heart of Montreal, near the leafy Mont Royal Park, UdeMattracts students and professors from just about everywhere. Oh and being part of the global top 100 institutions in the field of Life Sciences and Medicine and 35th in the world for Pharmacy and Pharmacology doesn't hurt either. 

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If you're studying something you love, you know what I mean when I say that going to university can be like heaven on earth. And it really helps to be in a school like UdeM where you can customize your program to fit YOUR interests. 

Depending on which program you're enrolled in, you can take classes in other faculties too! This means that if you have other interests outside of your major, you have the possibility to take an elective from another discipline! 

So if you're doing a Bachelor's in International Studies, you can take poli-sci, economics, law, history, geography classes and more! Your Bachelor's degree itself can be multidisciplinary, for example: Communication and PoliticsPsychology and Sociology or English and French literature

I mean I gotta say, flexibility in a relationship never goes unnoticed ;)

And while you will definitely find standard programs at UdeM like: Architecture, Medecine, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, Veterinary Studies, Public health, Dentistry, Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts, Pure Sciences, Music, Teaching, and much more...

There are actually other interesting ones that you may not have known UdeM offers such as: Screenwriting and Creative Writing, Video Game Studies, Garden Design, International Cooperation, Medieval Studies, Digital Music, and Substance Abuse – Prevention and Rehabilitation.

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At UdeM you will find highly reputable professors (have you heard of AI genius Yoshua Bengio?) from around the world, kick-ass sports facilities, classes in all modern languages, over a hundred workshops and extracurricular clubs and activities, to keep you stimulated all year 'round! Whether you're into skiing and snowboarding, board games, singing or politics, you're sure to find a club that interests you.

With 13 000 new graduates in 2016, it's no wonder UdeM is getting so much recognition these days. Moreover, if you're looking to do a student exchange, you have a total of 486 universities in 35 countries to choose from... Feel like spending a semester in Lima or Bangkok? Go for it. 

Being much more than just a school, Université de Montréal is a place to build the social and professional network that will follow you for the rest of your career. Former Law student Meagan Lee, for example, having been greatly inspired by her program and professors at UdeM (who happened to be some of the authors she'd studied in CEGEP!!)  moved on to do a Master's degree in Dublin. There, she became president of the Graduate Students Association and, among other things, greatly contributed to the legalization of same-sex marriage in Ireland! She is now a legal researcher in London, England. 

Students at UdeM are not only serious about their studies, but they know how to have serious fun as well. The student organizations host no shortage of activities to keep you sane throughout the year! 

Don't miss out on an opportunity to thrive during your university years and give UdeM a try... I'm graduating in April, so she'll be all yours! ;)

Check out Université de Montréal's website to find out more about admissions and programs, or visit their blog Objectif UdeM and their Facebook page for all the latest news and info!