My Love Letter To Montreal's Candi Bar

Goodbye old friend.

When I go out clubbing, places have to mean something to me. I love going to new spots, don't get me wrong, but my all-time favourite places are the ones where I have awesome memories, or the ones that really stand out to me.

Candi Bar hit all of those criteria for me, TBH. I first went to Candi Bar when it had just opened up almost six years ago, and I was mesmerized by literally everything.

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Their slushy, sweet, alcoholic drinks were unlike anything I'd ever tasted before; the decor was cute, trendy, and a little bit off-the-wall. I felt right at home from day one, and I loved it.

I didn't go back for a little while after that. I was taking a little hiatus from clubbing at the time, which meant that I'd bowed out from visiting all of my old stomping grounds (Up Club, B-Side and Rouge were my thing back in the day, btw).

This meant I didn't have the chance to become a regular at Candi Bar, but I never forgot about it. Something about the spot stood out to me, and in the years that followed, I found myself grabbing every single opportunity to go pay it a visit - even if they were far and few in between.

Seriously. Every time someone didn't know where to go for their birthday, I'd be like, "Candi Bar, let's do this."

Whenever I was bored and needed to get relive the days of my wild youth, I'd text everyone I knew all like, "Let's go to Candi, guys, seriously."

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Sadly, most of my friends had also moved on from their clubbing, and so I didn't get to venture into Candi Bar as much as I would have loved to. Each time I did go back, I was greeted with that familiar friendly and fun atmosphere; their awesome drinks; and their eclectic, wild decor.

Recently, I paid another visit to Candi, after about a year of straight-up not going clubbing anywhere.

And, to my surprise, it was still the same, awesome spot I'd always remembered it to be.

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I took my favourite drink (Le Pétard, which comes with cherry slush and Pop Rocks), chilled to the awesome music and vibrant crowd, and had a great time with my friends.

When the night was over, I knew I was going to come back. The drinks were amazing, the ambiance was welcoming and comfortable, but also super fun and different; everything about the place screamed "perfect outing" to me.

This wouldn't be like last time - this time, I was certain that Candi Bar was my clubbing soulmate, and where I was meant to live out the rest of my nights.

But then it closed.

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I know it's a bit dumb to be heartbroken over the closure of your fave bar, but honestly, I felt like this was more than just a bar.

Although I don't have tons of memories there, I do have really, really good ones. I always felt at home there, so, you know, it was super sad when I learned of its closure.

Thankfully, Candi Bar plans to reopen - and although there's no set date, they insist that they're doing their best to reopen ASAP. That's the only hope I'm clinging to at the moment, TBH.

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