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My Montreal Taxi Horror Story

'I thought we were going to die.'
My Montreal Taxi Horror Story

Earlier this week a reddit user named ColtonSmellsRealBad posted about a taxi horror story she experienced last Friday.

She and her boyfriend were trying to get home but they didn't want to wait an hour for the bus so instead they hailed a taxi at Angrignon metro.

Right off the bat, there were no seat-belts. The driver insisted that the clip was just stuck in the seat, but it was nowhere to be found.

Other than that, the trip started off pretty normally. Until the driver came to a stop sign and just sat there as if it was a red light.

At this point ColtonSmellsRealBad figured the driver was just trying to run up the meter. She considered getting out of the cab but since she really needed to get home, she decided to call the taxi company later and file a complaint.

That's when things got scary.

They got onto the bridge and that's when the driver decided to put on his seat-belt. ColtonSmellsRealBad and her boyfriend looked at each other thinking "WTF!", since they both assumed the driver already had his seat-belt on.

Then the driver started swerving between lanes and squirming in his seat. He was leaning forward, rubbing his legs and even opened the window to stick his face out the window like a dog.

ColtonSmellsRealBad concluded that the driver was most likely on drugs which was terrifying. The driver was still swerving and other cars started honking at them.

"I thought we were going to die."

Once they got off the bridge they asked the driver if he was okay. He answered:

"Oh, because I'm moving in my seat? Don't worry, it's for my back, it's good to move your back when you're in a chair all day...". Then he just started mumbling and trailed off.

After surviving the bridge, they got to a red light and the driver must have fallen asleep because he just sat there even after the light turned green. The other cars started honking, so the driver finally decided to go.

When they got home, the driver forgot to the turn off the meter. When they called him out on it, he insisted there was nothing he could do and that they would have to pay the surplus. Unbelievable!

In case you were wondering, no they didn't tip him.

They got inside their home and immediately called the cops to warn them there was an intoxicated cab driver on the road, then they filed an official complaint.

ColtonSmellsRealBad wants everyone to share her story in the hopes that it might prevent this kind of thing from happening to someone else.

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