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My Quebec Camping Horror Story

Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.
My Quebec Camping Horror Story

So this weekend me and 3 of my friends decided to go on a camping trip. We booked a campsite and tent at Mauricie National Park all well in advance, got tons of supplies from Costco and Dollarama the day before and we thought all was good, we were completely prepared for the weekend. 

Well folks, we were far from right. Everything that could possibly go wrong this weekend, went wrong. 

We left the city on Friday evening and departed on our journey unsuspecting of what was to come for us. Of course, the first unfortunate event to happen was us getting lost on our drive up. We ended up in a completely different town than where we were supposed to be, but luckily the locals in Trois-Rivieres are super nice and helped point us in the right direction. 

We finally made it to our campsite around 11:30 pm after the park had basically closed down but what happened next you ask? There was no tent waiting for us at our campsite!

So, our only option was to sleep in our car for the night. The 4 of us squished into the fully packed car and luckily, we had shelter from the thunder storm that passed by that night. 

On Saturday morning we trekked out to the information desk at 6 am to see what the heck happened to the tent we booked. They told us they had no record of us booking a tent and they didn't have any available for that night. 

We were determined to make this work though so they offered for us to stay in the community room for the night and we accepted. 

You may be thinking, how could things get any worse right? Well, that afternoon one of my friends locked the car keys in trunk of the car with all of our blankets, sleeping bags and clothes. We had to call roadside assistance to come and unlock the car for us. 

It was a weekend full of bad luck but somehow we made it out alive! We managed to make a fire and cook some food, relax on the beach for a while, and watch the sunset at night. So overall, the experience was pretty good but the next time I go camping I'm making sure everything is planned to a T! 

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