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Mysterious "Dinosaur Crossing" Sign Surfaces On Montreal's Saint-Denis Street

Never let a T-Rex catch you by surprise.

Photo cred - @anahe_7

When cycling down the street, cars and trucks should always be on your radar, but there is one danger to all of those on the road that gets no media attention. An ancient fear written into human DNA that predates even are oldest ancestors. I am, of course, talking about the ever-present threat that are dinosaurs.

For too long have pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers ignorantly sped down the street, entirely unaware of the gigantic reptile that may be lurking further down the road, ready to swing its gargantuan tail and flip cars or step on passersby with enormous feet.

One Montrealer could no longer sit idly by and allow the city to subconsciously repress the reality that dinosaurs may cross the street at any time and leave destruction in their wake. So, to inform all citizens, this advocate of dino-awarness set up a dinosaur crossing sign (photo by Anahe_7) on the St. Denis viaduct underneath the Des Carrières railroad overpass (map).

Many will think this sign ridiculous, or a simple joke by a clever Montrealer. Those of us who have seen the documentary Jurassic Park, or visited the dino-populated Savage Land know better, and are aware of the dangers dinosaurs present to us feeble humans. Even herbivores are not exempt, 'cuz if you've ever seen a stegosaurus cross the street, you know they like to swing their tails.

St. Denis' underpass is known for being particularly dangerous, the cyclist fatality this past spring being the most recent incident proving this fact. On the other hand, this could be some very clever/subliminal advertising for the Walking With Dinosaurs show coming up at the Bell Centre.

So maybe, instead of warning folk about T-Rexes and the like, this Montrealer is comically telling people to be cautious on the road, or is just an even performer. Hopefully it's a combo of all three, 'cuz dino-awareness is not seen enough on the streets.

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