Mysterious Homicide Reported On West Side Of Montreal

No word about who did it, yet.
Mysterious Homicide Reported On West Side Of Montreal

Montreal police have confirmed the body of a young 35-year-old man was found on Tuesday evening in an apartment building in Cote-Des-Neiges.

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Although this is grim news - especially for me as I don't live very far from this area - but in reality, this is the 18th homicide case of the entire year. Which objectively low for a large urban city. According to Toronto Police, for example, there have been a total of 68 homicides this year alone in the city.

That said, it may seem like Montreal has reported a higher frequency in gun related shootings, the homicide rate in the city and province is still low compared to the rest of the country. 

Back to the mysterious homicide in Cotes-Des-Neiges, the body was found by the owner of the building late Tuesday night, he contacted police immediately.

Police don't know much, yet. However, according to a report by TVA, the SPVM confirm that the body showed significant signs of inflicted violence, suggesting homicide.

Officials have the scene blocked off, and they are gathering evidence for their investigation. As of now, the body of the victim has not even been identified, nor have any suspects been arrested.

More news to come.

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