Mysterious Ice Blocks Have Appeared In Antartica

Another surprise from a mysterious continent.
Mysterious Ice Blocks Have Appeared In Antartica

A photo of a section of the Antarctic landscape that was recently digitized by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), shows huge, mysterious blocks of snow and ice.

Although these formations are natural, they are a source of fascination for scientists.

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What particularly puzzles scientists is that these blocks can take perfect shape in such a hostile environment.

It is believed that gigantic heaps of ice constantly move, slide, and hit each other.

However, these movements is difficult for the human eye to detect.

It is through such movements that long-term cubic patterns in the ice are formed.

Furthermore, the ice cracks by stretching and thinning. These cracks first appear parallel, creating horizontal crevices. 

Eventually, vertical crevices begin to form.

Such ice formations are similar to those found on the surface of Jupiter's moon, Europa.

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