Mysterious "Tilted Cabins" Are Popping Up On Mount Royal

Bizarre but beautiful.
Mysterious "Tilted Cabins" Are Popping Up On Mount Royal

If you've been up on Mount-Royal or skating on Beaver Lake this winter, you may have noticed these bizarre but beautiful tilted cabins popping up. 

Upon closer inspection you can see the cabins are built in ridiculous, exaggerated angles that makes them look like they are about to fall over. 

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But they also look incredibly modern on the inside and feature beautiful floor to ceiling windows. But what are they?

A firm called Atelier Urban Face crafted these three cabins to make them look like they've been titled by the wind. 

As the architect puts it: 

“The buildings become actors in the poetry of the place. The spirit of the clearing is experienced through the perspective and rocking of the wind.”

The cabins are a work of art, but they are also functional. The first one can serve as a 30 person classroom.  The second one houses service equipment, and the third is made to house a ticket booth. 

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