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Naked Dating Is Coming To Montreal

Something you should try out at least once in your life.
Naked Dating Is Coming To Montreal

You know how you record an episode on your DVR and it record the first 5 minutes of the next show?

Well that's how I was introduced to the glorious show called Dating Naked.

The premise is simple, 2 people meet up on an island, strip off their clothes and go on a date. Then the next day they go on naked dates with 2 other people, then later at night, all 4 people meet up at the house and hilarity ensues.

The show was so popular that Musique Plus started playing some episodes on TV with subtitles, but now they're thinking of doing a Montreal version of the show.

Groupe V Média is currently negotiating a deal with VH1 to adapt the show here.

The talks may have only just begun, but there are already casting calls for any daring individuals willing to strip their clothes off on camera and go on very revealing first date with a total stranger.

I know at least a few of you are crazy enough to audition so here's the original casting call.

Now we just need to figure out where the show will take place. In the original version the singles get whisked away to a secluded tropical paradise, but where would they film it close to Montreal?

There are only 3 acceptable options: Fence off Beach Club, Ile-Sainte Helene (Preferably not during a music fest) or perhaps Oka's clothing optional beach.

Only one question remains: Will you be auditioning?

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