Naked Dating Is Now Live In Montreal

Take your pants off and jacket.
Naked Dating Is Now Live In Montreal

If you've never seen the show Dating Naked, you're definitely missing out.

The premise is simple enough. Two people meet up, strip their clothes off and go on a date. Then they next day they go on naked dates with two other people before deciding who to keep and who to send home.

The best part is that the dates aren't exactly innocent.

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They often involve activities you'd never think of doing naked. Things like jumping on trampolines, playing basketball, or giving a really innocent naked massage.

The show originally aired on VH1.

But did you know that Quebec has its very own version of the show?

The casting call took place back in June and the very first episode aired last night on Musique Plus.

The only word to describe it is, amazing.

The people might not be as pretty to look at as the ones in the American version, but they're twice as funny that's for sure.

Just one episode in and there's already been an awkward boner situation, some dildo sculpting as well as some angry, penis biting mosquitoes.

If you missed the first episode you can stream it for free right here.

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