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National Orgasm Day Is This Summer

Finally a holiday both men and women can enjoy.
National Orgasm Day Is This Summer

Last year, some British blogs decided that July 31st should be National Orgasm Day and everyone had a good laugh, but we live in an age where every day of the year is national *something* day, so why not make it a real thing? In fact today (April 13th) is international Scrabble Day as well as Thomas Jefferson Day. And just in case you were curious, tomorrow is Library Worker's Day, National Equal Pay Day, Dolphin day (but really every day is dolphin day), National "Look Up At The Sky" Day, and last but not least, Be Kind To Lawyers Day.

So in the grand scheme of things, National Orgasm Day doesn't seem like a such a crazy idea. It's actually one of the more normal holidays on the calendar if you think about it. So we shall embrace it and promote this wonderful day, because everyone deserves an orgasm, no matter what gets you off.

We're giving you plenty of time to prepare yourself here, so you don't say the news came out of nowhere or that you have no one to celebrate with. Go out and find a fellow orgasm partner right now. And if that doesn't work, at the very least, make a pact with someone. Something along the lines of: "If we're both still single on National Orgasm Day, let's make a pact to celebrate together."

Just don't disrespect the holiday by faking it.

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