A poll done by Nanos Research earlier this month shows that over half of Canadians support a total ban on single-use plastics, such as cutlery and straws.

This poll comes after the announcement by Prime Minister Trudeau that Canada would move to ban single-use plastics by 2021, a decision that will hopefully rectify our current consumption and waste problem, which was highlighted earlier this year when Canada was globally shamed into taking back mass amounts of trash that were sent to the Philippines for "recycling."

The majority of Canadians are also willing to pay more to make the shift away from single-use plastic to other, more environmentally friendly alternatives.

The poll, done by Nanos Research, spoke with a sample of Canadians over the age of 18, via telephone and Internet surveys, a variety of questions surrounding the impending single-use plastic ban. The first of which was simply a question of support for the proposed band.

A vast majority of Canadians are completely on-board with the ban, likely due to evidence of a need for some kind of government intervention when it comes to the nationwide waste problem. 

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It is also interesting to note that 31% of Canadians are also willing to pay up to 5% more every day for more sustainable options in the marketplace. 

These more expensive options would likely be biodegradable or other environmentally-friendly alternatives to the current-day single-use plastics we are handed at every turn.

While it may cost more in the outset, with costs for starting production on these kinds of products, or otherwise transitioning businesses over to natural-based products, there is merit to the notion that these alternatives could and should save us money in the long run. 

Without question, moving away from plastics means no longer relying on developing nations to be responsible for dealing with our trash... which was truly a low point for Canada this year, in my opinion.

MTL Blog correspondent Ariel Lefkowitz asked Montrealers about their opinions on a plastics ban. Watch that video below:

Knowing there is such overwhelming support is certainly good news and should indicate to government officials that there is simply no reason to wait. The people are onside, so let's make it happen.

Read the full Nanos Research report, commissioned by the Globe and Mail, here.