Netflix Canada Has A Page Where You Can Request New TV Shows And Movies

Most, if not all, of us have a Netflix account that we use to regularly binge watch some awesome shows. With new Netflix originals being released every month, there's no way to be at a loss of what to watch, right?

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Well, there comes a time when you just really want to watch a specific show that you haven't seen in years, or you have a movie in mind that would be perfect to watch with some popcorn. You search up the title in Netflix and nothing appears. Definitely a way to ruin your day. When that happens many of us end up buying or going to much greater lengths to watch this show or movie, going through much more trouble than we have to.

Kept a secret to many of us, Netflix actually has a page where you can request TV Shows and Movies. Any TV Show and Movie you want that isn't currently available on the website. Any at all. 

As if it couldn't get any better, you can request up to 3 titles at a time! Netflix takes all of the requests and will add any shows or movies that are a popular request. So get that popcorn out, there may still be a chance to watch your favourite series!

To access the Netflix request page, click HERE.


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