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Netflix Canada's Hidden Categories Reveal All The Scariest Horror Movies You Can Watch This Halloween

Netflix can be hell to navigate. The sheer amount of options, it's just too much for our monkey brains to deal with.

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TL;DR Here are the "secret" Netflix category codes you can use to make navigating your favorite type of scary movie easier!

We assume that we know exactly what we want to watch; when in reality we are much more comfortable people telling us what to consume.

Ideally, give me a menu of options perfectly tailored to my personal taste. For example, Spotify Plus is killing this game with their "Made For You" daily playlists and "Your Release Radar."

Sometimes when mindlessly clicking through my options, I  just want to grab my TV with both hands and shout out - Please Netflix, just TELL me what to watch!

Netflix is already organized by high-level categories or "genres." However, these categories can sometimes be too broad and don't really help you narrow down your options.

The solution: Netflix hidden codes and links that will lead users to a page of smaller lesser-known categories that are not always easily visible on the main pages of the Netflix user interface.

For example, check out all the Sports Documentaries with code 180 or Social & Cultural Documentaries with code 3675. See all the codes here!

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You're here because you're a horror and scary movie lover, so here are all the links for some codes you can use to make your selection process a whole lot simpler:

Happy binge-watching weekend!

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