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Netflix Canada's Hidden Christmas Movies Categories Reveal All The Secret Holiday Content You Can Watch

Netflix's navigation has gotten much better over the years, but sometimes it's hard to find something good to watch unless you're looking for a specific title. 

We’re always shown what's new on Netflix or what's coming this week, but Netflix has a ton of hidden movies and TV shows that don't appear in your feed and it's a shame that so few people know how to find them. 

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TL;DR Here are the secret category codes you can use to find all the hidden Christmas movies on Netflix!

This holiday, people will undoubtedly be searching for Christmas movies to watch on Netflix and luckily for you there's a super easy way to find them all. 

There are actually 4 different categories of Christmas movies depending on what you're looking for. They have romantic Christmas movies, feel-good Christmas movies, Christmas movies for children, as well as family-friendly Christmas movies. 

You just need to paste the following link ( in your browser and replace the word "CODE" with the correct number.

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Romantic Christmas Movies

Code :

Feel-Food Christmas Movies

Code :

Christmas Movies For Kids

Code :

Family-Friendly Christmas Movies

Code :

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