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Netflix Canada Is Raising Their Price For All Users

Yes, again.
Netflix Canada Is Raising Their Price For All Users

Streaming all your favorite movies and TV shows shows is once again about to get more expensive.

Back when I first registered for Netflix it only cost $8.99 a month, but after this latest price hike, the cost of a monthly subscription will be going up to $10.99. 

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And unlike some of the previous price hikes, this isn't just for new users. Current users should be getting an email soon to inform them of the increase. 

You also have the option of opting for a basic low def plan for $8.99 or a 4 screen ultra HD package for $13.99. 

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This price change is only happening in Canada.

The reason is because Netflix is now producing more original content and they also have a lot more competition, including Crave, Hulu, Amazon Prime and now Disney. 

The change will be going into effect today.

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