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Netflix Might Be Releasing A Surprise "Black Mirror" Movie Next Week

Some intriguing rumors just dropped for all you you sci-fi techno-thriller aficionados out there waiting impatiently for the next season of Black Mirror to be released. You might not have to wait much longer for new nail-biting Black Mirror content.

According to a report by U.K.-based publication The Independent, a now-deleted Tweet has suggested the release of a Black Mirror movie airing on December 28th. 

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TL;DR A 90-minute feature length Black Mirror "movie" is rumored to be dropping on December 28th.  This is way before the expected airing of Season 5, which is anticipated to be released sometimes in 2019.

According to the reports circulating the internet, the movie is called "Bandersnatch," which at a possible 90-minute feature length film length, would be the longest running Black Mirror episode to date.

If you look up the title "Bandersnatch" on the Netflix app, you can find a discription wich ominously reads "be right back."

That said, the 5th season of Black Mirror is still returning to Netflix in 2019. Recently, Miley Cirus confirmed her role in one of the episodes.

Some interesting rumors have also been circulating regarding the innovative format that Season 5 will take. Apparantly it might be a "choose your own adventure" style, where viewers will be able to interactively dictate how the events of the episodes will unfold. Exciting!

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These rumours are coming out of the UK, but since Black Mirror is a Netflix original, it's safe to assume the feature-length episode will come to Canada, as well. Though, remember, these are only rumours!

More Netflix updates to come!


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