Netflix Canada's New Series "Dirty John" Is Based On An Online Dating Horror Story That's Actually True

A terrifying story of a woman who unknowingly falls in love with a violent narcissist.
Netflix Canada's New Series "Dirty John" Is Based On An Online Dating Horror Story That's Actually True

An abudance of thoughtful gifts, selfless acts of service and devotion, perfectly planned romantic outings, and endless amount of attention — on the surface, you would never assume these behaviors would be the actions of a narcissistic abuser, but Netflix's upcoming series Dirty John will make you think about the fine line where attention and adoration turn into toxic obsession and control. 

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TL;DR Dirty John is based on a true story of a woman who falls in love with a violent narcissit abuser she meets online. This dramatic thriller is an adaptation of a hit podcast of the same name, and season 1 of the series is coming to Netflix Canada on February 14th.

Season 1 of Dirty John is based on a popular true crime podcast of the same name. Based on a true story, the Dirty John podcast instantly became a hit after its release in 2017, when it quickly climbed the listening charts.

Now, fans are going crazy in anticipation of the show. This isn't your average "boy meets girl" story, although it does seem to start off that way.

What makes Dirty John so jarring is that this particular love story starts out as ordinary can be. In fact, it starts out perfectly.

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The series follows businesswoman Debra Newell and her budding relationship with a handsome new man she met online, John Meehan.

John is perfect. Or so she believes. He is an incredibly doting and kind man; frequently showering her with attention, giving her gifts, helping her run errands, and generally being available to her whenever she needs.

Sounds like the dream, no?

As time goes on, Debrabegins to see through the cracks of John's façade — he might not be who he claims to be. After all, they did meet online, and she knows little about his past.

After watching dirty John idk if I can trust even the nicest person ever again!

January 24, 2019

Blinded by infatuation and the flurry of attention, she ignores her gut and daughter's disapproval and continues to fall for his lies as John reels her back into a cycle of toxic abuse over and over again.

The story dramatically twists and turns and eventually culminates to murder. I won't spoil it and tell you who though!

Keep in mind, this isn't a Hollywood story. This is based on real events! Which is what makes the Dirty John story so terrifying, and more importantly, really good at exemplifying the classic idiom "if it's too good to be true, it probably is."

Check out Dirty John Season 1 coming out on Netflix Canada this Valentine's day!

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