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Netflix Canada's Newest Original Film And Apocalyptic Drama "IO" Is Disturbingly Realistic

It might be better than "Bird Box."
Netflix Canada's Newest Original Film And Apocalyptic Drama "IO" Is Disturbingly Realistic

The apocalyptic film genre has totally taken over. Films like Bird Box and A Quiet Place are breaking the internet. With the issues surrounding the health of the planet being more important than ever, watching a fictional end of the world play out seems to resonate very strongly with modern audiences.

Although it's unlikely that any of these glorified apocalyptic scenarios will ever  happen, on some level we understand that if we keep treating the earth the way we do now, the dystopian future painted in many of these films will likely manifest to some degree. And although it won't happen tomorrow, audiences feel such a thrill watching these sci-fi films because it's terrifying to even entertain that this could happen to us.

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TL;DR IO, a brand new post-apocalyptic drama just came out on Netflix Canada. You can stream this 90-minute film today! 

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That said, if watching dystopian sci-fi films is your brand of entertainment, then you need to check out the brand new apocalyptic drama coming out on Netflix today! Critics are already giving it their stamp of approval.

The premise of IO is simple and startlingly similar to the film WALL-E, except a little less cute and bubbly.

The 90-minute movie is set in a not too distant future where all humans are driven to leave Earth as it has become completely uninhabitable. 

The surviving humans reside on a space station orbiting Io, the innermost of Jupiter’s moons.  

All humans remain in thisspacestation, except for Sam, the daughter of a scientist who lives on a mountaintop in one of Earth's few remaining air pockets. Sam spends her days studying and examining the planet's remaining creatures and artifacts. She lives a very isolated life until another sole survivor, Micah, comes into the picture.

Idk why we are so obsessed with the end of civilization but Netflix is killing it #io

January 18, 2019

Despite the formulaic premise, critics are recognizing IO for its strong entertainment value, touching performances, and artistic direction. 

You can watch IO on Netflix Canada HERE!

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