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Netflix Has Announced It Is Making More Interactive Shows Like "Bandersnatch" That Will Be Available In Canada

The new era of movie-watching began with the release of "Bandersnatch."
Netflix Has Announced It Is Making More Interactive Shows Like "Bandersnatch" That Will Be Available In Canada

We all remember Bandersnatch — the first film of its kind available on the Netflix platform. You found yourself sucked into the world of Black Mirror, able to participate not only as a viewer, but almost as a character yourself in the "choose your own adventure" style that never gets old. 

Ever since its release, we've all wondered when, and if, Netflix had any plans to come out with any more interactive films. Well, whether you enjoyed Bandersnatch or not, you can definitely prepare for more of its genre on the streaming service. Earlier this week, it was announced by Netflix Vice President of Product Todd Yellin that the experimental format is going to become more common on the streaming service from here on out.

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TL;DR Netflix Vice President of Product Todd Yellin announced this week that more interactive films, similar to the 'Bandersnatch' format, will soon be making their way to the streaming service. No release date for the next film or series has been set yet. More details below.

Yes, that means those creepy, weird, thrilling and exciting interactive films you've been desperate for are guaranteed to arrive. Netflix decided to go forward with the choose-your-own-story-films after the global madness over Bandersnatch.

Obviously, people want to see more of that kind of content. Luckily, Netflix is all for delivering what the people want.

In case you didn't know, there is alreadysome lesser-known interactive content mostly for children on the streaming service, but adults seem to have a craving for such programs, too.

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The new interactive films and series could include romance, comedies, and of course, science fiction and dark thrillers. 

Although there isn't a set release date just yet for the next generation of interactive films on Netflix, we can already guarantee that they will bring on a totally new era of streaming and movie-watching.

Stay tuned for more information and any updates announced by Netflix.

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