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Netflix Is Investing Millions To Make "Canada Only" TV Shows

But will they be any good?
Netflix Is Investing Millions To Make "Canada Only" TV Shows

Canada and Netflix are joining forces to create a bunch of original Canadian content. 

The ever-popular streaming service is going to invest $500 million (at the least) towards creating Canadian productions and content, reports the Canadian Press. 

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News of the rather unlikely partnership comes before an announcement from Heritage Minister Melanie Joly on a major restructuring of Canada’s approach to promoting Canadian creative works.  

Titled a “creative economic strategy,” the plan to have Netflix inject millions into Canada’s creative industry is not what most expected. 

Canadian broadcasters have been pushing the Trudeau government to implement a “Netflix Tax” on the company and other streaming services. Such companies aren’t based in Canada and are thus exempt from paying Canadian taxes, a loophole some broadcasters found to be completely unfair. 

But instead of creating a dedicated streaming tax, which Canadians would need to pay, the government is going another route. Good thing, because no one wants to see another increase in Netflix subscription fees. 

According to an unnamed government source, Netflix is onboard to provide $500 million in the next 5 years to help create original Canadian productions. 

Whether or not any of these movie or TV shows will be worth watching is up in the air. Because when it comes to making amazing, engaging content, both Netflix and Canada are kind of hit and miss.

Sometimes we get a winner (Orphan Black, Stranger Things) and sometimes shows are a dud, like Murdoch Mysteries or The Mist

Hopefully, if the shows are bad, they’ll at least be so-bad-they’re-good, like everything in Degrassi. 

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