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Netflix Is Releasing Its Most Terrifying Supernatural Horror Series Yet And You're Not Ready (Trailer)

October is nearly upon us and you know what that means... Halloween! I am so excited for all the fun and creepy things to come: from haunted houses, to corn mazes, to Halloween parties. 

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TL;DR On October 12th, Netflix is releasing a new horror show called The Haunting Of Hill House. It promises to be Netflix's most terrifying show to date.

The best part though is definitely all the scary movies and shows that are coming to Netflix. I'm definitely anticipating Sabrina The Teenage Witch, which has a darker vibe than the original. 

But another recent announcement from Netflix has everyone talking. On October 12th, the streaming network is releasing a new show that promises to be its most terrifying to date. This new show comes just in time to get you in the spirit of Halloween. 


The show is called The Haunting of Hill House (not to be confused with the film House On Haunted Hill) and is based on Shirley Jackson's novel. 

The series centres around the repressed trauma and family conflict of the five Crane siblings. Each episode will follow a single sibling as they try to come to terms with traumatic experiences that endeaured while living in Hill House.


The siblings:

  • Steven Crain (played by Michiel Huisma) – sold a book about his family's history, so now all of his siblings resent him. 
  • Shirley Crain (played by Elizabeth Reaser ) – mortician, and A-type personality
  • Theodora Crain (played by Kate Siegel) – she's an exacting social worker but also has incredible sensitivity. 
  • Luke Crain (played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen) – the addict
  • Nell Crain (played by Victoria Pedretti) – the one who remembers the most out of all the siblings 


There's a plot twist though. After you've met all the siblings, you realize the siblings are reunited because one of the siblings died. 

You will be totally consumed and captivated during this 10-part series as episodes oscillate between present drama and past traumas.

Watch the terrifying trailer here...if you dare. 


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