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Netflix Canada Just Released All-New "American Vandal: Season 2" Trailer

The "who done it" mockumentary is back!
Netflix Canada Just Released All-New "American Vandal: Season 2" Trailer

True crime shows are so hyped right now, so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to satirize this of-the-moment genre.

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Netflix’s true-crime mockumentary series American Vandal did not disappoint with its debut season back in September 2017.

Over 8 nail-biting binge-worthy episodes, this hilarious true crime satire explores the aftermath of a vulgar and immature and petty high school crime: Who vandalized teacher's cars with giant red spray-painted penises?

The primary suspect of the crime and lead character is Hanover High School's resident "bad boy" and trouble-maker Dylan Maxwell. Even his name sounds like he's the type of guy to steal your girlfriend and casually hit on your mom.

This "who done it" story pokes and prods at the question: Should we judge people by their cover? In the end, the hilarious and absurd series slowly transforms into a thought-provoking story culminating in a surprising twist conclusion.

American Vandal is back with Season 2 set to premiere on Netflix in September. This time around it's set in a private Catholic high school that's just been hit by another unexpected juvenile crime: The cafeteria lemonade was spiked resulting in the entire student body being hit with instantaneous, violent diarrhea. In true mockumentary fashion; season 2 is all about number 2.

Sam and Peter are back and called to the rescue to help dive-in to the investigation of this atrocious crime. With their detective caps on, they slowly narrow down the list of suspects to uncover who the true "turd burglar" is.


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