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Netflix Subscriptions In Quebec Will Be The Most Expensive In Canada In 2019

Here's why.
Netflix Subscriptions In Quebec Will Be The Most Expensive In Canada In 2019

Last week, Netflix announced it would be raising prices on all subscription plans across Canada. As the entire country went into shock over the decision, outrage poured through social media platforms such as Twitter.

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TL;DR On January 1, 2019 Netflix will be raising prices on subscriptions in Quebec by $5 due to the governments new QST charges on streaming services owned by foreign countries. More details below.

Seriously, it's already bad enough. Everyone is super stressed about the new costs of owning a Netflix account as it is, so you'd think this is the worst things could get.

It turns out Netflix accounts are actually going to get even more expensive in Quebec, because we'll be getting extra special pricing right after the holidays.

People in Quebec will be forced to pay $5 more per month for Netflix subscriptions starting on January 1, 2019. If that doesn't make you angry enough, we're the only province in Canada that has to pay this much.

Why, you ask? Well, back in March of this year, it was announced by the Quebec government that companies outside of Canada that sell digital services to Quebecers must pay QST once they surpass $30,000 per year in revenue from the province. This new policy will take effect next year.

But don't assume Canadian companies aren't affected by this new plan, because the truth is they already have been. The government of Quebec will begin charging QST to digital service companies in the country starting on September 1, 2019.

So, Netflix is not the only service affected by this. Say hello to through-the-roof prices from Crave TV, Hulu, and really any other streaming service you pay for that makes more than $30k a year from Quebec users.

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Netflix is getting unreasonably expensive for Quebecers alone due not only to the QST, but also a nationwide price hike on subscriptions to the streaming giant.

Just so you get an idea of how bad prices will become, a standard Netflix plan that was orignally $10.99 per month will now be $15.59. That's $5 more per month that you'll be paying, and $60 more per year.

So, you might want to consider if it's really worth keeping your subscription in the new year. With Netflix cancelling fan-favourite shows such as Orange is the New Black and introducing less selection on TV shows and movies each month, is it really worth it to put up with these price hikes?

Let us know how you feel about Netflix new prices!

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