Every Time Montreal Is On Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

It actually happens more than you'd think.
Every Time Montreal Is On Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is nothing short of magical. From the zany plotlines, beautifully insane characters (Titus is my spirit animal), and brilliant, joke-a-second dialogue, Kimmy Schmidt is simply amazing.

And apparently, the writers of the show feel the same way about Montreal. Let us explain.

You may have noticed when binge-watching through Kimmy Schmidt that Montreal randomly comes up in both season one and season two of the Netflix original series. The Montreal name-drops aren't numerous, but they're apparent enough to notice.

We can't exactly be sure why Montreal comes up in Kimmy Schmidt (did one of the writers live here for a while? Is one the producers a huge Expos fan?) but that doesn't make us any less giddy to hear our city referenced on a show.

So with all of these Montreal-references, is Kimmy destined to make a visit to Montreal? We hope so, but until then, we can tide ourselves over with this list of every single time Montreal was referenced in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Kimmy Goes to School! (S1E6)

Better known as the "Pinot Noir" episode, the much-less-hilarious Kimmy subplot (yes, subplot, because Titus takes the centre stage in this one) does have a few Montreal-centric easter eggs to add some appeal.

The first comes when Kimmy is trying to inspire her rather crummy and inept GED teacher, Mr. Lefkovitz, to actually try. To do so, she finds an old year book that she hopes will reignite his dormant love for teaching, which then leads to a direct Montreal reference. The exchange goes like this

"I dug this up in the library, the P.S. Zero yearbook from 1994, your third year teaching here."

"Yeah, and a great year to be a Montreal Expos fan."

The rest of the scene doesn't go so well (it ends with Mr. Lefkovitz getting beat up by the student who originally owned the yearbook for ruining his life) but we did get a nice little nod to the '94 Expo's season.

And what a good year it was. I would know, I was like three at the time, and obviously a huge baseball fan. Note the sarcasm.

Kimmy Goes to School (S1E6)

Not long after the first Montreal-reference in Kimmy Schmidt, we get a second in the same episode. After a few other attempts to get her GED teacher to actually teach, Mr. Lefkovitz shows Kimmy his ultimate plan for being an awful academic professional.

Lefkovitz wants to finally get placed in the teacher's lounge, to which Kimmy initially replies:

"What? It's just a teachers' lounge."

"Just a teachers' lounge? Like the Montreal Expos are just Canada's second-best baseball team. Well, used to be."

"The Expos moved?"

For someone who was in a bunker for fifteen years, this would be a pretty huge blow. But yes, Kimmy, the Expos did move, and the world shed a tear.

Kimmy Goes Roller Skating! (S2E1)

Starting the newest season off strong, Kimmy Schmidt brought in a Montreal reference from the get-go. After Titus' meeting with his estranged wife, who threatens to make him pay 17 years worth of spousal support, the beloved chanteuse (not a typo, Titus is basically Mariah Carrie) of "Pinot Noir" freaks out a bit.

Getting ready to leave the city, Kimmy chastises him a bit, saying:

"Really, Titus? You're just gonna run away from her again?"

"I hear Montreal has a vibrant theater scene, so au revoir, les Felicieuses."

Titus is definitely right on that first part, but whatever "les Felicieuses" has us stumped. Still, we're now envisioning a spin-off where Titus moves to Montreal, and that would easily be the best thing ever.

Kimmy Gives Up! (S2E5)

Things aren't going so hot in the first half of season 2. In-between having to find a new job, help Jaqueline get her life together, and all of Titus's drama, Kimmy has to deal with the fact that her and Dong are no longer together. And that's mainly because Dong is green-card married to Sonya from GED class.

Talking it out with Lillian, Kimmy explains the sitch:

"But Dong's only gonna be married for two years. I can do two years standing on my head. Actually, in the bunker-"

"Again with the bunker. You're like one of those ladies who go to Montreal, and then, suddenly, everything is about Montreal."

Super on point Lillian, because Montreal really does have that effect on people. As soon as you come to Montreal, it's all about Montreal, not that we'd have it any other way.

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