Netflix Wants To Start Adding Commercials To Your Favourite Shows

It was only a matter of time.
Netflix Wants To Start Adding Commercials To Your Favourite Shows

We all know and love Netflix far more than cable or any other streaming service. You can just never go wrong, there's so many different things to watch! Especially now more people are ditching cable services and just using their Netflix account when they're in the mood to binge-watch some great shows.

One of the most obvious reasons most of us prefer Netflix over regular TV is that we never have to worry about commericals popping up on our screen. The annoying ads that sometimes have nothing to do with the show we're watching and tend to last longer than the show itself is a thing of the past. Netflix is safe from ever adding commercials like this, right?

Well, it's not exactly certain as of now. Netflix has confirmed they'll be introducing ads to their original shows, so naturally the next step would be to add in full-length commercials.

Can you imagine settling down to binge-watch your favourite show, and as soon as you hit play you're bombarded with Netflix commercials? It will seriously be a new era when that time comes.

For now, the streaming service will just be testing out the adds on shows like "13 Reason's Why" and "Orange Is The New Black" while shows that aren't Netflix original series won't be effected at all.

It won't be as bad as you could imagine either, since the ads will only be popping up during the 10 second interval when an episode loads, so at least you'll be able to watch something while waiting instead of staring helplessly at your screen while the word "loading" sits there boringly.

If you really just don't want to watch the ad? Netflix has got you covered there as well since you do have the option to skip them if you want. So, it doesn't sound so bad after all. Plus, at least with the new ads you have an easier way of finding new shows to watch instead of scrolling through Netflix for hours trying to decide between the abundant options.

As of now we can trust that the new ads will be pretty good for us. Only time will tell if Netflix chooses to add full-length commercials and what shows we'll be seeing them on.


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