New Anorexic Mannequins Hit Store Window Fronts

Xylophone ribs are not sexy.
New Anorexic Mannequins Hit Store Window Fronts

The path to realistic representations of the female body in fashion and media got hit with a major setback thanks to a lingerie boutique who put a mannequin with some serious weight problems in their storefront.

La Perla in New York placed the pictured female mannequin, with exposed ribs similar to a skeleton, in their shop's window, which was immediately noticed by customers on Monday, leading to a huge online hate campaign. Coming to their senses, and a bunch of bad PR, La Perla has since taken down the mannequin.

It's all well and good La Perla removed the mannequin that actively promotes a nigh-unattainable, and a very unhealthy, female figure, but why would they even think this would go over well? How many different people saw this thing, all the way from the mannequin's designer, to the marketing team, to the retail person who set up the display, and didn't realize what was wrong with it?

The fact that so many people, regardless of whether or not they're in the fashion industry, had no problem with a mannequin, meant to mirror the ideal feminine form, that looked skinny to the point of malnourished, just goes to show how representations of women in society are still royally screwed up. Sorry Dove ads, there's still a lot of work to be done.

How gross is this?

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