New Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

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New Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

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Just when you thought coffee couldn't get any more amazing, it does. Not only does coffee have miracle-elixer powers that are capable of raising the dead/hungover, but it can also keep you thin by staving off obesity.

A recently published study performed by researchers at the University of Georgia looked into the effects of chlorogenic acid (CGA) on the human body, which is most abundant in coffee. Over the span of 15 weeks, mice were injected with CGA while being fed a diet high in fat. By the end, CGA was found to "significantly block the development of diet-induced obesity."

While CGA did prevent the mice from getting fat, the chemical compound did not actually change the body weight of any of the animals. So CGA, and by some extension, coffee, is more of a weight-gain preventative rather than a quick weight-loss fix. The study's findings suggest that CGA can become an important compound to prevent "diet-induced obesity and obesity-related metabolic syndrome."

Coffee contains a high amount of CGA (at least in comparison to other foods like apples, pears, tomatoes and blueberries) but the mice in the study received a much higher amount than a normal person would drink up in a cup of Joe. Still, the final line of the study's abstract states "our results suggest that drinking coffee is beneficial in maintaining metabolic homeostasis when on a high fat diet" or in basic betch-tongue: coffee can help you keep of weight when you're eating a lot of cake.

So don't feel bad about your 4th cup of java, you're just working on your figure.

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