A Tinder App For People Who Love Bacon

The world of dating has completely lost its mind over the last few years. There are sites made exclusively for ugly people, sites for people who loves horses, sites for crazy cat lovers, sites for people who like to dress up like clowns, sites for people who have similar food allergies and even sites for people who think they're vampires.

It seems all you need to have a connection with someone is some common ground. It doesn't seem to matter how insignificant or weird that common ground is. That's why we weren't at all surprised to find dating app that matches people who love bacon.

The app is appropriately called Sizzl and it's perfect for people who are looking for their 'bacon soulmate' 

And the creator of the app none other than Oscar Mayer. The wonderful people who brought you the famous jingle:


Okay so that might not have been an official Oscar Mayer commercial but you have to admit it was adorable.


Check out their website for more information or to download the app.