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New Ice Cream That Changes Colour With Every Lick

When tasting the rainbow becomes a reality.
New Ice Cream That Changes Colour With Every Lick

Photo cred - Olilas

A new take on a classic summer treat has just hit the global food scene: ice cream that changes colour as you lick it. Known as "Xamaleón" ice cream, the frozen snack reacts with your tongue's heat and the surrounding environment to change from baby blue, to hot pink, to dark purple.

Manuel Linares, a Spanish physicist and electronic engineer, is the creator of Xamaleón, who claims the ice cream is made entirely with natural ingredients. Linares hasn't divulged his secret "love elixer" that makes the ice cream change colour, but cites simple chemistry as the colour changing catalyst, and not any weird chemicals.

Those who have had a chance to try Xamaleón describe it as a mixed fruit flavour, according to Sploid. Not exactly an in-depth analysis on how the ice cream tastes in comparison to non-colour changing ice creams, but at least no one said it tastes weird.

Two other ice creams are in the works, as Linares is now creating an ice cream that changes colour when in contact with UV lights in clubs (for the raver who likes sweet treats) and one that will go from white to pink without any external forces acting upon it.

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