New Korean Zombie Thriller Series 'Kingdom' Might Be The Most Daring Netflix Canada Original In 2019

A new genre of horror.
New Korean Zombie Thriller Series 'Kingdom' Might Be The Most Daring Netflix Canada Original In 2019

If you're a lover of thriller and horror films and TV series, you'll be excited to know that a brand-new series is dropping soon on Netflix Canada. Kingdom is a Korean-made series making its debut on Netflix this January 25, 2019.

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TL;DR A new zombie thriller series from Korea is coming to Netflix Canada on January 25th!

Although official critics' reviews won't be available until after the show actually airs, the buzz surrounding this series has gotten progressively louder since the release of the official trailer.

As you can see in the trailer below, this isn't your regular zombie apocalypse movie set in the present day. Characterized by elaborate costumes and stunning sets, this is a zombie-themed series but with a highly stylized and period piece twist.

Via imdb

The combination of the zombie thriller and political drama genres, medieval setting, and (if the trailer is any indication) gorgeous visuals make this perhaps the most daring Netflix original series in a while.

The series synopsis gives us a sneakpeak at the story. In a kingdom that is "defeated by corruption and famine," a rumor begins to spread about a strange condition that makes people immune to death and hungry for the taste of human flesh. The crowned prince of the kingdom sets out to unveil the evil scheme and save his kingdom and people.

Don't let the period-piece vibe of this series fool you, it looks scary and most definitely intense. 

Via imdb

People are already expressing their excitement for the series on social media:

Yo, that upcoming Netflix series, Kingdom, looks so fucking good. It’s like a medieval zombie apocalypse and I am sooooooo here for it!!

January 14, 2019

eric barmack (netflix original vice president): “my imagination went wild the moment i read the synopsis of ‘kingdom’ for the first time. it combines the visual beauty of the historical time period with a fantastical and supernatural element.”


January 5, 2019

Check out the full trailer below! And don't forget to tune into Netflix on January 25th for the official release! 


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