New Montreal App Lets You Track Your STM Bus In Real-Time

Montrealers have needed this badly for years!
New Montreal App Lets You Track Your STM Bus In Real-Time

If I were to ask you what the most annoying thing about the bus is, what would you say?

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Literally, I bet a good chunk of people here would tell me that it's the timing.

Either the bus comes late, comes early (this one gets on my nerves the most), or just straight-up does not show up.

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Sure, not every single bus line has this problem; there are a few that manage to respect their schedules. But on the whole, respecting the bus schedule doesn't happen as much as it should.

And while there's not much we can do about that, there is one app out there that's hoping to at the very least help out.

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Transit is an app that actually has been around for a little while... but in a different form.

Originally, they were an app that relayed information from transit agencies (like the STM). So if the STM said their bus came at 4:30 PM, then Transit would say so, too.

But now, they're doing things a little bit differently.

This time, the app is going to be relying on crowdsourcing to track when buses are coming and going in real-time.

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Based on the information it gathers from users, the Transit app will pretty much be able to predict when your bus is coming, and give you the most accurate information possible.

According to their website, Transit actually has a huge network of users, and a super solid following in Montreal.

I mean, honestly, this seems like it could be super helpful in not making everyone (me?) late all the time anymore.

Sound cool? It does to me, TBH. You can check out Transit on the App Store right here.

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Sounds like the coolest thing you've heard of this week? Check out Transit's website for more information.

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