New Montreal App Will Warn You In Advance When The STM Metro Is Down

It'll be useful af.
New Montreal App Will Warn You In Advance When The STM Metro Is Down

Service interruptions in the Metro are no joke, and they're happening more and more often.

Actually, in November, there were 5 in only 3 days!

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It's not just about being late or being a little extra stressed, sometimes it's your your job that's on the line. And the worst part is that there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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The president of the STM however thinks it's time to find a better way to warn people when the metro breaks down.

He wants to make is part of the new iBus Mobile Application project which is set to be ready by this Spring.

The app will be able to tell you when the next bus will arrive in real time. It will be also be a virtual OPUS card which you can reload automatically, and it will warn you ahead of time when there are service interruptions.

That's the key here, warning people in advance so they can make alternate plans to get where they're going.

The new phone app will be able to warn you the night before if there are any delays or interruptions planned for the next day, and it can even give you 5 minute heads up to know when your bus will arrive.

The messages will also be more specific. So if the metro service is interrupted because someone had a heart attack, for example, people might be a little more compassionate and patient.


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