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New Montreal "Metro" To Pass Through Griffintown?

Planned public transit changes in the works.
New Montreal "Metro" To Pass Through Griffintown?

Photo cred - McGill Immobilier

Light Rail Trainsit (LTR) on the newly constructed Champlain bridge has been a longstanding plan, one that has kind of been forgotten as time has gone by.

A mix of streetcar, tramway, and metro, an LTR connecting the Champlain to Montreal's STM system could save a lot of commute time for people coming in and out of the city.

Francois Cardinal, columnist for La Presse, researched the issue and found two proposed scenarios (pic'd below) for a light rail system on the Champlain:

  • Scenario A: LTR crosses the bridge, goes along highway 15, then turns east into a tunnel into Place Bonaventure. Two new metro stations would be opened on this line-extension, Pointe-Sainte-Charles and Griffintown.
  • Scenario B: LTR crosses the bridge, turns through the Technoparc, onto the surface of the Peel Basin, then goes into Place Bonaventure.

Both projects would cost a ton of money, the first racking up a bill of around 1 billion, making the second scenario a little more plausible.

Montreal's LTR isn't planned until 2021 at the earliest, so either scenario is still a possibility for Montreal.

Which plan do you think is better for the city?

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