New Montreal Mural Surfaces On Saint-Catherine Street That Bashes Mayor Denis Coderre

Photo Cred - CTV News

One Montreal couple think Denis Coderre isn't as great a mayor as the public perceives, so they decided to change the city's positive perception with a-not-so-flattering mural of the city's mayor.

Danny Maltais and Jessica Sergerie, after six years of home renovation woes, have decided Coderre is much more concerned with his public image, along with pizza and hockey, than he is the personal needs of Montrealers, and decided to publicly demonstrate their idea of Coderre.

The mural is set up along the couple's balcony on St. Catherine E, where, after 6 years, Maltais and Sergerie received no aid from the city to complete their renovation project, despite being promised $350, 000,  as part of a city initiative to improve housing and rental units in the building and area.

Amid all the reno-woes, Denis Coderre apparently refuses to meet the two and help them out. Thus, the inspiration for the mural, with the pizza-faced Coderre totally ignoring the citizens behind him.

From the city's perspective, the mural is a little over the top, as city officials have been very helpful with the case, as said by Russell Copeman, the executive committee member in charge of housing.

You have to feel for the couple, as six years is a very long time to be jerked around by the city and not being given monetary aid, despite originally being promised. A gigantic mural denigrating the mayor is a little harsh, but it does point to a potentially larger problem:

Is Denis Coderre truly a mayor of the people, or does he put on a show of being connected to the public via Twitter and media stunts? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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