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New Montreal Pop-Up Shop On Saint-Laurent Street You Need To Check Out This Summer

Leggings, tanks and tees, track shorts and everything else in between.
New Montreal Pop-Up Shop On Saint-Laurent Street You Need To Check Out This Summer

It's never been cooler to get sweaty. A major priority for most of us these days is leading a more active and healthy lifestyle, but staying on top of your fitness is hard enough as it is that trying to remain stylish at the same time is a whole other challenge in itself. Nothing beats high-quality, activewear that not only feels good when you are on a serious yoga kick, or training for your next half marathon, or simply going to and from the gym - you want to look as good as you feel. The problem is, workout gear can be mad pricey.

Cory Vines is a Montreal-born online retailer that's creating men's and women's modern activewear essentials that are functional, stylish, and accessible. Everything from track shorts, to tanks and tees, to leggings and undergarments, Cory Vines delivers all the functionality you expect from high-end activewear. Quality apparel versatile enough to go the distance, whether you're pushing yourself to the limits of your training or just straight chilling on your downtime.

To make their exclusive collection even more accessible this summer, Cory Vines has opened a pop-up shop right here on The Main.

The sustainably designed pop-up shop is open all summer long, allowing you to try before you buy, and will also be hosting several shopping events and workshops where you can shop until you drop as well as get your sweat on. As an added bonus, say hello to the good people at Cory Vines for us and get a 10% discount on any purchase just by mentioning this article or using promo code coryvinesXmtlblog, because your workout clothes shouldn't cost as much as your gym membership.

Check out the Cory Vines Facebook Page, Instagram, and official website for the full collection.