New Poll Reveals The Provinces In Canada Where People Hate Quebec The Most

Quebec is by nature distinct. The lone francophone nation on a continent of hundreds of millions of English-speakers rightfully takes steps to preserve its language and culture.

The federal government of Canada, too, recognizes the importance of protecting Quebec culture and interests. Residents of other provinces, however, often view these efforts as unfair concessions. Quebec, they argue, wields disproportionate influence on federal policies.

In recent years, Canadian equalization payments, a way for the government to redistribute funds for services to the places where they are most needed, have also tended to most benefit Quebec.

According to The Globe & Mail, Quebec is set to receive $1.4 billion in the form of equalization payments in 2019 while other provinces will get nothing.

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For these reasons, the reputation of Quebec has suffered. 

A new survey from polling firm Léger aims to expose just how much.

Asking "do you like the québécois?" the survery maps the popularity of the francophone province across the country.

"Among the Canadians, Ontarians are the ones who like the québécois the most," the survey results state.

Here is the percentage of respondants that answered "Yes" in each geographic area of Canada: 

Atlantic Canada – 59%
Ontario – 64%
Manitoba & Saskatchewan – 37%
Alberta – 41%
British Columbia – 41%

Though Albertans have perhaps been the most vocal about their contempt for Quebec (some have even threatened secession over perceived inequity), people in Quebec may be surprised to know that Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the provinces with the least favourable view of la bell province

Political differences between the conservative Prairie provinces and progressive Quebec are perhaps to blame.

Surprisingly, across the country, it is middle-aged Canadians that most consistently habour hostile opinions of Quebec. Of survey respondents between the ages of 35 and 54, only 49% "like" the québecois.

That's compared to 55% in the 55+ age group and 56% in the 18-34 age group.

These national attitudes about Quebec are of course subject to political trends. 

Whether the province's reputation will improve will likely depend on developments in the provincial and federal governments.

The Léger survey had a margin of error of 2.9%, according to Narcity Québec.

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