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New Quebec Immigration Policy Will Expel Immigrants That Don't Learn French

A new extreme.
New Quebec Immigration Policy Will Expel Immigrants That Don't Learn French

Coalition Avenir Quebec is the party that is currently leading in the polls less than five months away from the provincial election.  

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The party reportedly is suggesting some modifications to immigration policies in Quebec. Coalition Avenir Quebec suggests that the capital - Ottawa - expel newcomers who fail to properly integrate.

What this means in Quebec is a failure to properly learn the French language up to the standards of the province. 

Under this proposed plan, new immigrants to the province would receive a 3-year permit to reside in Quebec, and receive testing on certain criteria such as knowledge of the French language in order to move onto the next steps to apply for a full citizenship at the federal level.

Moreover, newcomers that are unable to pass the French portion of the testing will not receive authorization to request citizenship at the federal level and therefore will be living in Quebec without status.

According to a representative from the party, the unemployment rate for recent immigrants in Quebec is 15%.

That being said, this proposal is simply to ensure that those who come to live and reside in Quebec permanently speak the French language and adhere to the province's values.

With the provincial elections coming up, this gives us a lot to think about and definitely more information to fuel your future vote. 


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